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A listing of all games created by Theodore Bong.
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Bongle is a remake of the popular game, Wordle. The difference is, the daily Bongle words are set by Theodore Bong himself. All Bongles will be real words from the English dictionary.

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Bongle Infinite is just like Bongle, however you can play infinite times per day. You get a random word out of a list of thousands. See how high of a streak you can get! Current record is 420 by Jadon Long.

Bongle Infinite
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Want to challenge your friends with your own Bongle words? Create a Bongle Custom and share it with them or have them solve it on your device! A very fun game to play with friends.

Bongle Custom
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Songle is an exact clone of Heardle. The only difference is that the songs in Songle are easier to guess since the Heardle songs are usually pretty unguessable and weird.