Bong 4 Governor


Theodore Bong

Sand Tots Nursery & Preschool Graduate | Richmond Street Elementary Alumni
Former infant, toddler, and tween.

My name is Theodore Bong and I am running for Class Governor. Our upcoming freshmen year is going to be fun & exciting. And, with your vote, I'll make sure that our school activities such as dances & fundraisers will be the best they can be. We only get one freshmen year, so let’s do it right. Vote Theodore Bong for Class Governor!

Vote Bong!


What Your Classmates Are Saying


Nathan Claudino

Astrology PHD & Retired WW1 Vetern

“One day, I had a leaky pipe in my house. I called up Theo Bong and he fixed it up for me in no time! Thanks to Bong, my pipes are strong. Cause after all, Bong does no wrong! Vote Bong Class President!”

Ledger Issock

Ledgers Hedgers Professional Barber

“It’s hard being a single mother, especially when you have no children and are a teenage male sexy superstar.”

Tristan Hummel

Professional Person

“One day I was feeling very down, then Mr.Bong showed me his awesome Weiner. I was so inspired by it I bought myself one, now I’m the proud owner of many many hotdog restaurants across the land. Thanks to bong my glizzy is long”

Adam Wiacek

Professional Female Getter

"One day i was very sad, but then i remebered that i new a special someone Mr.bong. Mr Bong is very strong an he does no wrong. Vote Bong For President"

Ashton "Pierce" Moore

Pierce is Fierce

“Bill Gates, Jeff Bazos, Mark Zucherburg. What do all these people have in common? They own Tbong crypto currency. Invest now and become rich”

Jack Bartholomew

Professional Poop Connoisseur

“Once I had heard a long twang so I gave the big bong a ring ding dong so the big bong had made the twang gone. Vote bong class president!”

Theo Thomas

RLCS Professional

“Mr. Bong is a very kind and passionate person. One of the many great and amazing times that he was so kind was when he brought Chik-Fil-A to school and brought enough for me and a few others.”

Aarush Antil

Tennis & Curry Enthusiast

“One day my friend Nathaniel was being bullied by a big Alexander. I was too weak and puny to do anything to help, so I called Mr. Bong to help. Mr. Bong is so strong with his big strong muscles, six pack, and thick thighs and scared the bully away. Nathaniel was saved and we played Rocket League all day long.”

Andre Sugden

Professional Critic

“One day, I went to the park and went to throw a frisbee. I got it stuck in a tree and yelled for help. Out of nowhere, Theo Bong flew in and jumped at least 20 feet to get my frisbee. He is a true superhero. I’d vote for T-Bong all day long.”

Nicolas "Cole" Shoepe

Professional Baller

“Theo is the reason why there is good people in this world. He is a very successful entrepreneur and has already developed his own website at age 14. I remember one day I was stuck on my very serious word-master streak. I had reached the 6th and final attempt. Fortunately Theo Bong saved the day and completed the word for me saving my streak. He is a real hero. I’d vote T-Bong all day long.”

Joaquin Wagner-Bagues


“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nullam in est sed tellus volutpat sollicitudin. Fusce facilisis erat ut elit bibendum scelerisque. In laoreet ac turpis nec aliquet. Sed ut enim sit amet nunc varius euismod sit amet volutpat nisi. Fusce nec arcu sed urna porttitor posuere.”

Remy Romero

Profesional Turkish Oil Wrestler

“A wise man once said “nah I’ll do the science card next week” well guess what that man was Theodore bong. But guess what, he didn’t really get it done that week but when the very next week came around, he did it. TBong is a very meh person but meh people are the people who get stuff done. TBONG FOR CLASS PRESIDENT”

Grant Ostler

Burger inspector

“Once day I was inspecting a juicy scrumptious hamburger when all of a sudden Aarush came and slapped it to the ground. Mr. President Bong saved the day when he sacrificed his life to save my hamburger. He jumped under my hands and saved the juicy scrumptious hamburger. That’s when he secured my vote.”

Aidan Steele

Professional Hoodie-Wearer

“Do you know that feeling after you run the mile and then take that first sip of ice cold water? What about that feeling of waking up early in the morning, realizing it’s Saturday, and going back to sleep? Or how about that feeling when you click the Turn In button on Altitude after you worked tirelessly on an assignment? Yeah. That’s the feeling you get when you know Bong does no wrong. Vote Theodore Bong for Class President.”

Alexander Arieta

Professional NBA 2K22 Player

“Uhhhhhhhhh. I used to be a scrawny kid that did not work out all. But then one day, I saw Theodore Bong bench pressing 1500 pounds. I was so inspired, that I decided to start working out myself. Vote Bong all day long.”

Owen Barnhart

Professional Nobody

“I first saw Mr. Theo Bong surfing a tsunami with the most ripped 8 pack I’d ever seen. With the sheer size of his muscles he stopped the tsunami from hitting my favorite taco truck. Then he fought of the hot sauce demon that tried to eat his feet. Then he got the key to the town hall from the mayor and made all tacos free. He is a national taco hero and he gets my vote.”

Aidan McKaren

Professional Idiot

“Sometimes when I close my eyes, I can't see. Vote Bong class president!”

Aiden Trombo

Professional Leprechaun

“People cannot show each other their true feelings fear suspicion and resentment never subside. Vote Bong class president?”

Emilio Davila

Vietnam Veteran

“One day I was eat a hot dog with no buns and something came into my mind it was bong I remember he saved me in Vietnam he is very strong and nice vote bong for prez”

Dylan Diaz

Prefessional Thaiboy Digital

“Why did the bike fall over because it was two tired but bong doesnt fall over because he works hard bong 2022”

Miles Nguyen

Professional Asian (that’s tall)

“When in Doubt, Pull it Out. It works for me, so it should work for you.”

Jarrett Sorbello

Professional Stormtrooper

“Ever since I joined the Galactic Empire, Mr. Bong has been helping me to serve our commander Aarush all along the way. He is truly an amazing character who is worthy of serving us as the student governor, vote Bong!”

Natalie Christenson

Lt. Governor Candidate

“Another day, another slay. Vote bong 2022!”

Ethan Walker


“One day T bong is gonna be good at something, Theo for pres”

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